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Learn the Key Elements of a Marketing Audit


“Pattie showed a quiet confidence working with our diverse management. Her collaborative approach was critical to quickly winning the trust of key decision makers in our company enabling her to accomplish so much so quickly.”

Bill Squires, Sr. VP
Blackfoot Communications

“Pattie’s understanding of demographic and psychographic influences on purchase decisions was essential in helping us focus on the unique wants and needs of our customers.”

Vic Morrison, VP Marketing
McCormick Distilling Co.

"Pattie’s ability to handle the entire process from initial strategic development through execution meant I was able to continue my
day-to-day responsibilities with minimal interruption."

Larry Kaufman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

showing you the way from concept to solution

Are you preparing to introduce a new product, or do you want to pump new life into an existing product?

March Forth Consulting can help.

Just as a strategic business plan expresses your vision for the direction your company will take, a strategic marketing plan identifies how you are going to support that vision.

Because, at its most basic level, a marketing plan is not about slogans, advertising or websites. It's about identifying and articulating the sustainable difference of your product or service that no one else can replicate.

And you don't need to be a Fortune 500 company to accomplish this.

At March Forth Consulting we provide the know-how, the resources and the horsepower to get your new product or service to market with greater speed and accuracy than your competition.

For us "success" manifests itself in achieving breakthrough epiphanies regarding potential new value propositions, anticipating your competitors' moves, and comprehending deep buyer motivations.

Using a proprietary, four-step process we help companies, like yours, successfully identify and match marketplace opportunities that will turn your sales force into a revenue force.

E-mail Pattie Cagney Sheehan or call us today at
312-280-7824 for a free, no obligation discussion
of your needs and to find out more about how March Forth Consulting can help your company.

Special Services
For Ad Agencies

March Forth Consulting provides support for small to midsized marketing and advertising agencies confronted by that perennial good news/bad news dilemma:

Your client has offered you a great opportunity. They've asked you to help them develop critical strategies to grow their business.

The only problem is you just don't have the staff. And hiring full time senior people to do this will really stretch your resources.

That's where March Forth Consulting can help.

We have individuals
with over 20 years of agency account management experience
in competitive analysis, strategic planning, branding, positioning and more.

E-mail our CEO, Pattie Cagney Sheehan or call us at
312-280-7824 to find out how we can help you continue to give your clients the level of service they have come to expect from you.

(312) 280-7824