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Learn the Key Elements of a Marketing Audit


“Pattie showed a quiet confidence working with our diverse management. Her collaborative approach was critical to quickly winning the trust of key decision makers in our company enabling her to accomplish so much so quickly.”

Bill Squires, Sr. VP
Blackfoot Communications

“Pattie’s understanding of demographic and psychographic influences on purchase decisions was essential in helping us focus on the unique wants and needs of our customers.”

Vic Morrison, VP Marketing
McCormick Distilling Co.

"Pattie’s ability to handle the entire process from initial strategic development through execution meant I was able to continue my
day-to-day responsibilities with minimal interruption."

Larry Kaufman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

We Know New Products Are The Lifeblood
Of Your Company's Success

At MARCH FORTH Consulting we demystify the secrets of product development and marketing.

That new products are the lifeblood of any successful company is especially true of
small-to-midsize companies. In his book, New Product Development: Responding to Market Demand, author George Gruenwald emphasizes that business survival today demands continual product innovation.

According to Gruenwald, "Everyone in industry knows that new products are essential for viability: If we do not continue to grow, we die. To grow, a company must continue to learn and to make a difference in its industry".  

Keeping up in today’s fast paced business environment often means outsourcing those cyclical processes that many companies cannot, or choose not, to staff on a permanent basis.

March Forth has over 25 years of experience successfully filling that role for companies of all sizes, in a wide range of industries.  Among the services we provide are market and trend analysis, product and brand management, and integrated marketing communications.

Whether your goal is to sell new products or services to existing customers, existing products or services to new customers, or new products or services to new customers, March Forth will help you identify the strategies that make sense for your company.  

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Pattie Cagney Sheehan
Principal Consultant & CEO

A specialist in integrated marketing, with an emphasis in product development and branding, Pattie has ad agency, corporate marketing and sales experience with for-profit and non-profit, B2C and B2B organizations of all sizes. 

Her greatest strength, developed during her many years with Young & Rubicam, is helping organizations identify the core essence of their products/services in light of their current position and future goals.

Her strategic counsel helps them maximize and leverage existing opportunities and identify new niches.

She delivers success through actionable strategies, based on strong analytical skills, solid business analysis and marketing insights that drive revenue and profitability.

Her critical skills include:

  • market assessment and analysis

  • strategic brand development and management

  • marketing and corporate communications

  • advertising

  • public relations

  • promotion and collateral development

  • direct and Internet marketing

  • web site development

  • media buying

  • sales

  • vendor negotiations

  • meeting planning and trade show exhibit management.

As a collaborative member of senior management teams in a wide range of industries she is quickly able to ‘talk the talk’ with all departments from research and development, to finance, to sales and marketing.

She has provided strategic counsel, created integrated sales and marketing programs, managed brand strategies and tactics and worked cross functionally with all involved business units.

Possessing solid project management, problem solving, presentation and communication skills she is respected for her ability to assess and manage information internally and externally, build alliances and gain consensus among key constituents.

With a relaxed yet persuasive style, she uses her team building and mentoring skills to provide leadership, direction and guidance.


  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Spirits
  • Health & Beauty
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Durables & Hard Goods
  • Hospitality/Tourism/Gaming
  • Real Estate; Commercial & Residential
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Print & Broadcast Media
  • Cultural Institutions and Museums
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