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Learn the Key Elements of a Marketing Audit


“Pattie showed a quiet confidence working with our diverse management. Her collaborative approach was critical to quickly winning the trust of key decision makers in our company enabling her to accomplish so much so quickly.”

Bill Squires, Sr. VP
Blackfoot Communications

“Pattie’s understanding of demographic and psychographic influences on purchase decisions was essential in helping us focus on the unique wants and needs of our customers.”

Vic Morrison, VP Marketing
McCormick Distilling Co.

"Pattie’s ability to handle the entire process from initial strategic development through execution meant I was able to continue my
day-to-day responsibilities with minimal interruption."

Larry Kaufman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

McCormick Distilling Company, Inc.

Good portfolio management is the key to success in new product development, according to Dr. R. G. Cooper, president of the Product Development Institute.

For McCormick Distilling, establishing a portfolio of new products was critical to their growth and success. 

Assess Capabilities

McCormick Distilling is the oldest spirits distillery in the US still operating in its original location and is a recognized leader in value priced beverage alcohol.  At the time we were engaged the existing product portfolio represented successful but mature products.

While market share could be minimally increased through acquisition of regional brands, real growth would have to come from unique, new products created to fill niches not yet identified by competitors. The premium product category represented the best opportunity.

Identify the Scope

An analysis of the premium spirits category was cross-referenced with the corresponding profiles of consumers purchasing these products, profiles of under-represented consumer groups and product attributes that appeal to these consumers.

Design & Implement

Having identified the potential of the cream liqueur category and its position as a “cold” weather drink, additional research determined there was a substantial universe of individuals whose behaviors could be altered to consume cream liqueurs in “warm” weather given that the attributes of the product lent themselves to the existing predispositions of these consumers.

Target market tests established that a light, frothy, sweet yet refreshing taste that simulated key lime pie would, indeed, be consumed in warm weather.  We executed and tested multiple names, bottle shapes and label designs to support the key lime profile of the product, suggest a refreshing taste, and appeal to the sensibilities of the primarily female customer. The agreed upon product name was KeKe Beach.

Ongoing Marketing Support

A two-year rollout plan included trade and consumer advertising, on and off-premise promotions, sales collateral and trade show support.

KeKe Beach debuted to rave reviews at the annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers convention and continues to play an important role in McCormick’s portfolio strategy.

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