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Learn the Key Elements of a Marketing Audit


“Pattie showed a quiet confidence working with our diverse management. Her collaborative approach was critical to quickly winning the trust of key decision makers in our company enabling her to accomplish so much so quickly.”

Bill Squires, Sr. VP
Blackfoot Communications

“Pattie’s understanding of demographic and psychographic influences on purchase decisions was essential in helping us focus on the unique wants and needs of our customers.”

Vic Morrison, VP Marketing
McCormick Distilling Co.

"Pattie’s ability to handle the entire process from initial strategic development through execution meant I was able to continue my
day-to-day responsibilities with minimal interruption."

Larry Kaufman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

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Product development and innovation are the lifeblood of all companies from Procter & Gamble to any one of the many smaller businesses that make up the fabric of this country.

Let the professionals at March Forth Consulting help you reach your goals through strategically focused sales and marketing efforts.

e-mail Pattie Cagney Sheehan or call us today at 312-280-7824 for a FREE consultation and review of your needs.

Pattie Cagney Sheehan
Principal Partner and CEO

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