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Learn the Key Elements of a Marketing Audit


“Pattie showed a quiet confidence working with our diverse management. Her collaborative approach was critical to quickly winning the trust of key decision makers in our company enabling her to accomplish so much so quickly.”

Bill Squires, Sr. VP
Blackfoot Communications

“Pattie’s understanding of demographic and psychographic influences on purchase decisions was essential in helping us focus on the unique wants and needs of our customers.”

Vic Morrison, VP Marketing
McCormick Distilling Co.

"Pattie’s ability to handle the entire process from initial strategic development through execution meant I was able to continue my
day-to-day responsibilities with minimal interruption."

Larry Kaufman, Director of Sales and Marketing
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

Get Answers To Your Questions

Who will be our initial contact person at March Forth?

Answer:  Your initial meeting will be with our CEO, Pattie Cagney Sheehan, and possibly other members of her team.

Who from our company should be at that first meeting?

Answer:  You will decide who to involve but it is generally recommended that initially the CEO, COO and/or President be involved as well as the senior persons responsible for marketing, sales, customer service, data collection and analysis.  Also any other individuals involved in the early stages of development of this product or service.

What happens next?

Answer:    Based on the information discussed at that initial meeting, Ms. Sheehan will prepare a proposal to move forward.  Once that proposal is accepted, she will either handle the Needs Assessment herself or assign it to a member of her team

Who from our company will be involved in the Needs Assessment stage?

Answer:  That is up to you but it should be someone with intimate knowledge of the product or service as well as your company, and with access to and the authority to release, critical information needed to complete the assessment.

How do we know our confidential information will be kept confidential?

Answer:  It is recommended that you prepare a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement with which you and your attorneys are comfortable.  A representative of your company and Ms. Sheehan will sign this document requiring her, and all individuals working directly for or subcontracted by March Forth Consulting, to honor the terms of the agreement.

How long does a Needs Assessment take?

Answer:  Depending on the complexity of your marketplace and the uniqueness of your product or service, a Needs Assessment generally takes from four to eight weeks.

What happens once the Needs Assessment is completed?

Answer:  March Forth Consulting will present a report with the findings of the Needs Assessment.  At that time you will decide whether you want to continue working with March Forth on the executional stages of your product or service introduction including, but not limited to, such activities as name development, packaging, marketing communications needs, etc.

If you choose to continue working with March Forth Consulting, your specific needs and the details of the relationship will be discussed and agreed upon so the appropriate next steps can take place.  If you choose not to continue, you will keep the report detailing the findings of March Forth Consulting and that will conclude March Forth’s involvement.

For more information about working with March Forth Consulting,
e-mail Pattie Cagney Sheehan, or call us at 312-230-7824

(312) 280-7824